Who Is Bill Brinkle?

One Man. One Incredible Linking Strategy. 49,200 Connections In Under 12 Months!

Hello, my name is Bill Brinkle, and I am known as The Global Uniter. I have gained this recognition because I am a mentor to new and senior LinkedIn members. I strive every day to embrace new challenges and to assist those in my network on how to utilize LinkedIn to its fullest.

And that is what led me to creating this course for you.  Do you want to build a world class network? Let me show you exactly how. I am the only person to have created a REVOLUTIONARY system for building a world class 30k LinkedIn network in less than one year program.

In fact, by utilizing my comprehensive program, I was able to reach the LinkedIn 30k ceiling in only 9 months! Now, I am honored to pass on my networking program to other professionals, so you too can prosper and build an incredible network of your own.

If you have less than 5k connections you need this course.  I am proud to be a member of The Business Masters 360 Group of Top Rated CEO’s around the world and The Harvard Business Review. I am honored to be among the most influential people on LinkedIn TOP 1% :)

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Effectiveness 100%
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LinkedIn is the most powerful business to business platform in the world with over 400 million professionals world wide relying on it every day. Using our powerful program you will instantly learn how to create connections with those on LinkedIn that WANT TO CONNECT WITH YOU RIGHT NOW.



As your network begins to grow from day one, you want to add value to the lives of those you become connected to from day one. In this report you will learn the best technique for instantly gaining the attention and the admiration of your new connections. Connections you will be able to nurture for years.



Using this report, your network will be growing a super-targeted network and adding value to them all while building critical new business relationships. Here is finally a PROVEN way for you to create a business network that you can work with and monetize forever.

LinkedIn Connections
Report Reveals Everything

What You Are About To Discover:



Instantly discover what it took us months to learn. Avoid making critical mistakes that could get your LinkedIn account banned.


There are three keywords that you will discover that will revolutionize your connecting from the moment you start. Knowing these three powerful keywords will have your connections coming in in less than 5 minutes from right now.


Once your connections start flooding your in box, you need to add value to those new connections immediately and in a meaningful way. Hitting this one button will instantly show your new connections that you want to align yourself with them!


You are now building a tremendous network every day and adding value and creating new business relationships all around the world. This is your list. And the money is always in the list!

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How would you like your LinkedIn profile to look like mine?


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The money is in the list. Everyone knows that. So growing a targeted list on LinkedIn is your way of creating a resource for your business that you can monetize for years to come. This new report reveals a proven process that will explode your first level connections on the number one B2B site on the planet and is a must if you truly want to harness the power of what LinkedIn can do for your business

If you have less than 5k connections you need this course.  I am proud to be a member of The Business Masters 360 Group of Top Rated CEO’s around the world and The Harvard Business Review. 


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